Ability Academy trains Premiere at the Mama Youth Project
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Ability Academy trains Premiere at the Mama Youth Project

Mama Youth Project

Ability Academy has just run two Online Adobe Premiere courses for the Mama Youth Project who have just been Awarded with a TV BAFTA for Best Entertainment Programme "Life and Rhymes"  by their production arm Licklemor Productions / CPL Productions and Sky Arts.

Premiere Training with Mama Youth










Two Groups of Students were taught by Nigel G Honey, Lead Trainer of the Ability (Post Production) Academy remote from Scotland to London, and were supervised in the class by Buffy Pond, and Jem Mensah-Coker.

What we Covered

The Training went over how to Import Media into Adobe Premiere, Project Settings and Timeline Settings, Frames Rates, Progressive and Interlace Footage, Creating an Assembling, Different Modes of Editing, Extracting and Lifting Footage in the Timeline. Creating Transitions, Colour Correction and Colour Grading, Sound Mixing and Exporting and Understanding Codecs for Vimeo, You Tube and Broadcast. Some Students had never used any editing software before and by the end of the two days were confident in using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Who are Mama Youth?

Mama Youth have spent the last ten years training young people from under-represented backgrounds to succeed in the TV and Film Industry. So far 547 young people have completed their training.

The Mama Youth Project Charity was set up by Bob Clark a former editor for Sky TV where both Bob and Nigel G Honey were editors, and have stayed good friends, both the Ability (Post Production) Academy and Mama Youth are passionate about training people from underrepresented backgrounds into TV and Film Post Production.