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Adobe Premiere 101 2022 Vsn

Course Outline



Lesson 1 - Workspace & Starting a Project in Adobe Premiere 2022

Understand the Editing interface, the elements within it and how to customise your workspace as you need. Accessing and using different workspaces according to different tasks. Setting up your projects. Setting correct Sequence settings.

Lesson 2 - Importing Assets

Getting assets into Premiere, keeping an organised project panel; assembling assets in sequences. Working with the Media Browser.

Lesson 3 – Importing Graphics

Importing graphic files and settings

Lesson 4 - Assemble and Edit a Sequence

Common keyboard short-cuts and editing tools for building up frame by frame picture perfect sequences.

Lesson 5 – Adding Transitions

Build transitions from scratch and apply and modify 'standard' transitions into your sequences. Use the 'motion' effects to build 'Picture-in-Picture' (PiP) effects and apply and modify standards PiP effects to your timelines. Understanding edit handles and edit points.

Lesson 6 - Colour Corrections and Effects

Colour correction and colour grading are now essential parts of professional video production. In this lesson we will learn the basics of colour correction in Premiere, understand the built-in graphs and how to use them, and use the basic tools to correct footage for broadcast.



Lesson 7 - Audio in Premiere Pro 2022

Audio is more than 50% of great video. If you have an OK video production but great sound people will stay with it, but if you have a wonderful video production but poor sound you will lose your audience. In this lesson we will learn the audio tools (time-line and effects), how to deal with audio problems.

Lesson 8 - Motion

Motion allows you to adjust position key framing techniques. Create Animations

Lesson 9 - Titles

Creating basic titles and creating

Lesson 10 - Managing your Work

Understanding how to manage your work

Lesson 11 – Output Work

Output your work so that it can be How to output for video, web etc.

Understand Basic Video Codecs